WANT TO TRADEMARK without the seemingly

over-complicated & COSTLY approach?

The DIY Trademark Course is your "everything you need to know" course on trademarks. Get the course TODAY, file your trademark TONIGHT!

The DIY Trademark Course is your "everything you need to know" course on trademarks. Get the course TODAY, file your trademark TONIGHT!

Get instant access to the DIY Trademark Course >>

Get instant access to the
DIY Trademark Course >>

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can we be real with you?

Putting off trademarks because you don't have the TIME, BUDGET, or KNOW-HOW has to stop.

Putting off trademarks because you don't have the TIME, BUDGET, or KNOW-HOW has to stop.

is this you?

You have no idea what a trademark really is.

You get trademarks and copyrights confused.

You think you have no trademarks.

You think your business is too small to think about trademarks.

You think trademarks are too expensive.

You think trademarks are a waste of time.

You think a trademark is the same as an LLC (it's not).

You had no idea you could make THOUSANDS in passive income from your registered trademarks.

If you answered "YES" to any of the above, this course is for YOU!

the diy trademark course is for:

“I need trademark protection but don’t have the budget for attorney fees!”

“I want to make it full-time in my business, without the fear of having to rebrand due to infringing on another brand."

“I am done spending thousands in attorney fees for trademarks. I have so many!”

“I want someone on my team to be trained to file our own trademark applications.”



We created the ULTIMATE course to help you – the small business owner – learn all about trademarks and the process of filing for trademark applications all on your own, without the price tag of having a trademark attorney do it for you. 

In this course, Andrea Sager- Legalpreneur founder and serial entrepreneur, teaches you everything you need to know about trademarks, the trademark process from start to finish, and her insider tips to give you the freedom to file trademarks on your own while saving thousands!

Hey, I'm Andrea!

Former Top-Ranked Trademark Attorney.

Now Serial Entrepreneur

I'm the founder of Legalpreneur®, and I'm here to help you legally protect and grow your business with a strong legal foundation!

As a serial entrepreneur and lawyer, I know first-hand how hard it is for businesses of any size or stage to find legal support.

You’re a business owner who wants to protect your brand to the fullest extent of the law, but you don't know how on a budget.

I hear you. Thousands of entrepreneurs come to me with one statement, “just tell me what I need to do, but *ahem* I am on a budget”.

That's why we created THE TRADEMARK COURSE.


why entrepreneurs are using the diy trademark course to file their own trademarks

reason #1

Learn how to do a PROPER trademark search before you launch - saving you time and money.

reason #2

Learn how to protect your brand's most valuable assets and overall value with trademarks.

reason #3

Learn exactly WHEN to file your trademark applications.

reason #4

Learn how to respond to refusals during the application process. Yes, it happens!

reason #5

Get PEACE OF MIND and freed up brain space to know that:

"YES, I know exactly how to stop infringers and protect my trademark registrations!"

And the best part is - we are showing YOU exactly how to file your own trademark applications & how to make money from your trademarks inside the course!

The "everything you need to know" course on trademarks.

Get the course TODAY, file your trademarks TONIGHT!

Yes, we make it that EASY!

Here is what you get when you sign up today!

We’ll teach you everything you need to know in 6 Modules + Bonuses.

Each Module comes with Bite Size Videos of Andrea breaking down every step of strategizing your trademarks, applying for your trademarks, and enforcing your trademarks + Worksheets to practice your new Legalpreneur skills!

module 1.

the trademark basics

What is it, why you need it, and more.

module 2.

The trademark search

How to conduct your search, handling trademark infringement, and more.

module 3.

the trademark application

Owning the application process from start to finish.

module 4.

office action responses

Your plan of attack to take your application over the finish line.

module 5.

opposition & Cancellation

Knowing the difference and what your options are.

module 6.

maintenance & licensing

How to handle these processes once you're registered.

bonus module.

how to create a name that attracts and sells

Designed to help you get creative with trademarks.

7 worksheets.

the trademark checklist

Nail-down what can and cannot be protected with a trademark.

Identifying Possible trademarks

Use this worksheet to brainstorm what needs trademark protection.

Good s & Services

Get clear on what classes of good and services apply to your trademark application.

what to search

This worksheet will get you started with searching for all of your possible trademarks.

common specimen examples

See specific examples of common acceptable specimens for various classes.

13 factors to likelihood of confusion

An explanation of the factors to consider when evaluating a trademark’s likelihood of confusion.

bonus worksheet.

tips for choosing a trademark

Get the most out of your investment in the trademark process.

get your course today

file your trademark tonight

The "everything you need to know" course on trademarks saving you time and money on the trademark process as an entrepreneur.


We want to be sure you get your trademarks registered as soon as possible, which is why we’re handing over these must-have bonuses to simplify the process.

Bonus 01.

the g[law]ssary

A copy of our gLAWssary outlining important legal terminology in a simplified, easy-to-understand way.

Value $99

Bonus 02.

the legalpreneur's specialized trademark search method

Andrea Sager breaks down her own specialized trademark search process that “Big Law” firms don’t even have their hands on. 

Value $950

Bonus 03.

FREE Licensing AGreement

Use this agreement when you’ve secured your first licensing deal making money you never knew was possible!

Value $850

Bonus 04.

Access to the legalpreneur facebook group

Picture this as an informal “business AND legal school” with unlimited access to small biz peers and industry experts to grow with.  Our members-only Legalpreneur community is THE place you’ll learn everything you didn’t even know, that you didn’t know, about legal -and- business!

Beyond legal, each month the Legalpreneur brings our favorite experts in business into the community to teach you valuable tips, tricks, and lessons in business! 

Value $2,600

READY TO NO LONGER BE OVERWHELMED BY THE seemingly over-complicated trademark process?

MODULE 1: The Trademark Basics
(Valued at $297)

MODULE 2: The Trademark Search
(Valued at $297)

MODULE 3: The Trademark Application
(Valued at $297)

MODULE 4: Office Action Responses
(Valued at $297)

MODULE 5: Opposition & Cancellation
(Valued at $297)

MODULE 6: Maintenance & Licensing
(Valued at $297)

BONUS MODULE: How to Create a Name that Attracts and Sells
(Valued at $297)

WORKSHEET 1: The Trademark Checklist
(Valued at $99)

WORKSHEET 2: Identifying Possible Trademarks
(Valued at $99)

WORKSHEET 3: Goods & Services
(Valued at $99)

WORKSHEET 4: What to Search
(Valued at $99)

WORKSHEET 5: Common Specimen Examples
(Valued at $99)

WORKSHEET 6: 13 Factors to Likelihood of Confusion
(Valued at $99)

BONUS WORKSHEET: Tips for Choosing a Trademark
(Valued at $99)

BONUS 1: The g[LAW]ssary

(Valued at $99)

BONUS 2: The Legalpreneur's Specialized Trademark Search Method

(Valued at $950)

BONUS 3: FREE Licensing Agreement

(Valued at $850)

BONUS 4: Access to the Legalpreneur Facebook Group

(Valued at $2,600)

Total Value = $4,499


*Note* Legalpreneur does not guarantee a trademark approval, but the Legalpreneur does walk you through the exact process used to file and enforce thousands of Legalpreneur trademark registrations.

Yes, you can diy the trademark process!

“Trademarks don’t just protect against the same exact name. They protect against anything similar enough that customers are likely to be confused. This means that over 50% of entrepreneurs are either infringing on someone else’s trademark, or someone is infringing on their trademarks.. and they don’t even know it!

Infringement matters can be avoided if the trademark process is handled from the beginning. Yes, from the beginning! It doesn’t matter if you haven’t even launched your business, or you’ve been in business for over 10 years. Businesses at ANY stage will benefit from trademark protection!

So why our course over others

"I have unique experience in the online world, not just as an attorney, but as a serial entrepreneur with multiple ventures. I bring my business experience along with my legal experience, so you get the best of both worlds. We’ve created this course with the online entrepreneur in mind, and we have drilled down the most important issues to ensure our course provides the best understandable process possible.”

- Andrea Sager, founder of Legalpreneur, Inc.

Hear How Entrepreneurs Have Leveled Up Their Legal Game With Legalpreneur

Entrepreneur to Legalpreneur

...when dealing with difficult situations...

“Although I am an attorney, I do not have experience in trademarks. These resources have helped me learn more about the practical process for my own business, 51st Place."


The Trademark Course is answering so many of my questions...

“Andrea is so knowledgeable! I am just getting started with my blog & business, but The Trademark Course is answering so many of my questions and it’s really getting me going! For example, I was able to start the LLC process and will be soon filing for trademark protection. I’m enjoying the Trademark Course a lot! It’s a pleasure! And the Contract Vault gives me peace of mind, which is priceless.”


...having some professional guidance in securing a trademark myself makes me feel 1000% better...

“I am only just starting to use the Trademark Course, but just knowing that I have some professional guidance in securing a trademark myself makes me feel 1000% better!" -Adriane

...get rid of the anxiety of not knowing what to trademark...

“The Trademark Course helped get rid of the anxiety of not knowing what to trademark and when to get started." -S. Gonzalez

...learning how...

“I have been learning how the trademark application process works. Thank you!" -Katelyn

I filed my first trademark...

"I’m blown away with everything I’ve received from Andrea Sager Law and the Legalpreneur. I filed my first trademark, have a go to for contracts and updates to legal terms, and I love being a part of the Contract Vault as an affiliate for my clients. It’s a perfect additional resource to have for them! Thank you for everything you guys do for entrepreneurs!" -Danielle

...a better understanding...

“I have a better understanding of trademarks because of the Trademark Course." -Gina

Answers to your questions

Who is this for?

The Trademark Course is for small business owners who recognize the need for trademark protection within their business, but don’t want to work directly with an attorney to file their applications. 

What exactly is included?

The Trademark Course comes with 6 self-paced modules that take you through the search, the application, and post-registration maintenance period.

You also get access to bonus support materials, worksheets, downloads, and access to The Legalpreneur Facebook Group!

How do I access my bonuses offered at the time I signup?

Immediately after purchase, you will receive an email with access information to your course area with your bonus and support materials!

Please be sure to save this email for future reference.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access for the lifetime of the course!

Am I guaranteed to receive a trademark registration

No! We can never guarantee an approval, but we do walk you through our exact processes when filing thousands of Legalpreneur trademark applications.

Are the filing fees included in the course purchase?

No, you will have to pay the filing fees to when you file.

What if I need help from a lawyer?

If you don’t feel comfortable completing your application, or you want help, you absolutely should consider becoming a Legalpreneur Member

you are not in this alone!

You may have thought you were in this legal protection journey alone but you are NOT!

We’ve taken our years of experience in helping thousands of Legalpreneurs and have simplified the process of legally protecting your business without you having to invest unnecessary time and money on an over-complicated approach.

But most importantly… it takes out all of the guesswork out of legal.

You are here because you are gaining momentum but you need an assist from someone who has the legal know-how to get sh** done faster and more efficiently.

Which is exactly why entrepreneurs are crazy about Legalpreneur.

You are an entrepreneur. Let’s make the legal side of business a little easier for you.

You in? I am!

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